What is the Foundry?!

The Foundry is a 10 week intensive coaching program which qualifies and empowers potential invaders to lead their own training in their community. To become a strong and effective leader, each potential invader is trained in 5 essential functions:

1 – Fitness

2 – Drills

3 – Strategy and tactics

4 – Code of conduct and spirit of the game

5 – Team leadership

By the end of the Foundry program, potential invaders are evaluated based on these 5 essential skills. Those who master these skills are deployed to spread the sport in their community, with 10 additional weeks of financial and logistical support from Flying Disc Invasion.

Where is the Foundry?!

The first cycles of the Foundry are planned to cover the greater Cairo neighborhoods and the adjacent cities, which is why the first cycles will be held in a central field inside Cairo. After ensuring the sustainability of the first few teams produced by the Foundry, we will move out to cover areas such as Upper Egypt, Red Sea and North Coast.

Why is the Foundry?!

Flying Disc Invasion designed the Foundry as an attempt to plant the Ultimate Frisbee seed deep down in the Egyptian youth by reaching them in their neighborhoods – their comfort zones. We see this as the initial step of establishing an Ultimate Frisbee team in every Egyptian neighborhood and, in turn, exponentially growing the Egyptian player base. Our long-term goal is for Egypt to be competitive in regional and international Ultimate Frisbee competitions, and we believe the Foundry will take us there.

The goals of the Foundry lay perfectly within the main vision of Flying Disc Invasion, which is to improve the health of Egyptians through a fun, low-cost sport which ideally utilizes public spaces, ensures equal gender representation, and promotes peace, cross-cultural interaction and teamwork.

How much does it cost?!

The original cost for every player going through the one 10-week Foundry cycle is 1560 EGP. This fee covers:

1 – Rent of the Foundry field.

2 – Transportation of the potential invaders to and from the Foundry field

3 – Training kit for every deployed team.

4 – Five (5) discs for every deployed team.

Note: the first generation of Foundry invaders will be exempted from this payment as Flying Disc Invasion will be sponsoring their fees.

Want to register?!

Registration for the first cycle is ALMOST OPEN!! Come back soon to register!!



1 – Is it free?! Why not?!

Attending a cycle of the Foundry is not free since it costs money to rent the field, the training kits, and later it will support the new teams. The selected potential invaders will be exempted from payment for a limited time – until the core team decides otherwise.

2 – What if I just want to come and play for fun?!

The first hour of the day will be free for anyone to come and play pickup games with little regulation. After this, only potential invaders will be allowed on the field. If you do not want to join the Foundry, you will be directed to the closest practicing team and you can join them.

You can still register for the Foundry, yet priority will be given for potential invaders.

3 – I am an enrolled potential invader, can I bring a friend?!

Yes you can invite infinite friends who may join the first one hour of the training. After this, everyone except the core / potential invaders will be asked to clear the field.

4 – What If my evaluation didn’t qualify me to be deployed?!

You can still register for the next cycle of the Foundry, but priority will be given to fresh potential invaders.

5 – Why is one cycle 10 weeks? I think it should be longer / shorter.

Each cycle of the Foundry is long enough to give the core team time to teach necessary skills to potential invaders and short enough that the Foundry can produce 5 groups of potential invaders in 1 year.

6 – What if I can’t make it to all of the trainings?

Materials for days missed will be provided to you. Our goal is not to make sure everyone shows up every time. Our goal is to teach all potential invaders the skills needed to successfully expand into their neighborhood.

7 – How long will the Foundry support deployed invaders’ field costs?

2.5 months. Once a new group of invaders is deployed, the old group should have done enough fundraising to support themselves. If old invader groups need additional financial assistance, they can apply for more funding from Flying Disc Invasion.

8 – What if there aren’t many potential invaders from each interested group?

If the number of total invaders is too small to make the trainings useful (this decision will be made by the core team), more potential invaders will be invited from currently interested groups / teams.