First Female Ultimate Team in Egypt

Historically, females in Egypt have had a difficult time getting into sports. There’s a large barrier to entry that has only been slightly cracked by gated communities, women-only events, and liberal families. Most Ultimate teams in Egypt are lucky to have the few women who consistently show up for practice, as there are no women-only Ultimate teams right now. Many females get excited about a sport that promises exercise, teamwork, and fun, but most are not allowed to participate.

This is why FDI has been working on a very exciting project – starting a women’s team. So far the response has been very positive as this initiative has the potential to impact a huge slice of Egypt’s population. We will begin planning logistics in March 2017 and we plan to get the team operational by the end of the year.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a woman interested in participating in this team, or if you interested in hearing more about the initiative.