Who’s Invading What?!

Flying Disc Invasion (FDI) is actively invading Egypt with a new sport. Which sport, you ask?  Ultimate (a.k.a. Frisbee). Many people in Egypt associate Ultimate with a game to be played with your dog, or a few minutes of fun on a beach.

Dear Reader,

    If you have never thrown a disc / Frisbee / flying saucer before,
    please do so right now. Outside or inside, day or night, right now.
    Grab a pie tin if you have to - that's how Frisbee was invented!

- The Invaders

So what is our objective? Our objective is to invade Egypt with a new culture endorsing healthy habits via the spreading of Ultimate Frisbee and its core values of inclusion, peace, friendship and healthy living. We plan to give every Egyptian the opportunity to hold a Frisbee and experience the delight we have all felt while participating in the amazing sport.

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Why Egypt?

Expanding the the presence of Ultimate Frisbee in Egypt will create a healthier population and promote a culture of gender equality.

Egypt is facing many problems regarding public health with nearly 70% of its adult population obese. Low quality of public sports clubs, extremely expensive private sports clubs, and an absence of safe public spaces contribute to their poor health. Additionally, the currently available public spaces and activities are often not female-friendly, which excludes a major component of the community.

Ultimate is the perfect solution to many of these problems. At its core, Ultimate is a fun, low-cost sport that creates an active and peaceful lifestyle. Through the pursuit of VICTORY, Ultimate promotes equal gender representation, teamwork, trust, and peace. FDI plans to achieve its vision by fostering a fun environment to play Ultimate which will engage the youth and fuel their passion to be part of a competitive and inclusive community.

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Who is FDI, Really?

FDI is not a sports team. FDI is a group of motivated individuals who share a common vision and are passionate about getting all types of people involved in a growing international sport that has the potential to expand exponentially in Egypt.

To see more about who exactly these core invaders are, visit our Meet the Invaders page.

What’s Next?

We are currently working on many projects, including outreach, specialized logo design, mobile app development for our walks, map of all Ultimate events in Egypt, shooting instructional videos, and planning more fun events like ERUPT and BUX! Keep checking our Facebook page for the most up to date Invasion activities!

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Can I Contribute?

Yes! In order to be able to fund our different invasions around the country, we are developing many sustainable fundraising approaches which minimize the need for potential invaders to pay lots of money as this could prevent them from being part of the invasion.

The outcome of our fundraising activities will cover many logistics for spreading the sport all over the country. This includes buying discs, transporting players to fields, renting new fields for practice and tournaments, and creating promotional materials.

You can contribute now and be part of the invasion by using the PayPal donation button below! [paypal-donation]

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Contact Us

Have any questions about what we do or how to get involved? Send us a message below or get in touch with us on your favorite social media site!

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